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A hypothetical use case of air traffic control chat app (ATC-Chat) that mashes up chat messages between ATC operators with real-time weather data.
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ATC Chat

This respository is a hypothetical use case implementation of air traffic control chat app (ATC-Chat) that mashes up chat messages between ATC operators with real-time weather data. It is built using IBM Bluemix Weather COmpany API and PubNub BLOCKS.


Setup Bluemix Weather Company Service and PubNub BLOCKS as follows

Bluemix weather company data api

Step 1 : Login to the Bluemix account with the valid credentials, and go to Catalog. alt-tag

Step 2 : Select the Weather Company Data service under the Data & Analytics services. alt-tag

Step 3 : Give the service name. alt-tag

Step 4 : Select the Free service plan and click on the Create button
to Create the service.


Step 5 : Goto the Created service page. Click on the Service Credentials. alt-tag

Step 6 : Make a note of the Username and password. alt-tag

Step 7 : Goto the weather api page, and down below click on the "learn" button
It will redirect you to the documentation page.

Step 8 : Under the Examples section you can see how to form the url with the
username and password and desired weather status.

You can try out the different options of the weather api.

PubNub Blocks

Refer to this README file. Pay attention to Step 10 in block creation. This is where you will use the username and password from step 6 above.


Assuming that both the Weather Company Service and PubNub BLOCK are set up correctly and are running, make the following changes in the code.

Step 1 - Clone this repository

Step 2 - Open index.js and edit line 15 & 16 to replace the PubNub publish and subscribe keys with the ones that you used for provisioning the BLOCK.

Step 3 - Open index.html in multiple web browsers and login with any user name and ATC location.

Step 4 - Send chat messages and witness how the messages sent from one window get displayed in other chat rooms with weather information from the senders ATC location.

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