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PubNub BLOCKS Provisioning Guide for Brandceptions

PubNub block creation.

Step 1 : Login to the Pubnub account with the valid credentials.
alt-tag Step 2 : Click the "CREATE NEW APP" by giving a name to your APP.
alt-tag Step 3 : Click on the newly created APP.
You can see the Demo keyset for the new application created. alt-tag
Step 4 : Click on the Demo keyset and click on the Blocks (on the left side). Make sure to use the same keys for the web server (Refer 'Setup PubNub Keys' section in the main README file). alt-tag Step 5 : Create a new Block by giving the block name and description to the block. alt-tag Step 6 : Create the Event Handler by clicking CREATE button at the bottom. alt-tag Step 7 : Give the Name of the Event handler, Channel to communicate with the block and the option of when block
code should execute( select 'Before Publish of Fire' for this case). alt-tag Step 8 : Copy the block code in the text area from here. Update the code with Watson Tone Analyser credentians as per step 4 of the "Setup Watson Tone Analyzer API" section in the main README file and save it.
Step 9 : Click on the Start block button(top right) to start the block. alt-tag

Your block code is now running

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