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DogTracker UI Application

To run the client UI application , perform the following steps


You will need PubNub, MapBox and IBM Object Storage API credentials for running the UI app.

To get PubNub Keys , login to your pubnub account and click create a new app and get the keyset for this application.

To get Mapbox Access Token , login to your mapbox account and select myaccess tokens link and click "create new token".

To get ObjectStorage API URL & X-Auth-Token ,follow this procedure in main README section under the heading "Working with object storage api"

    Follow step 1 in that heading for getting API URL and X-Auth-Token 

Steps to launch the App

STEP 1 :

Download/fork the source code of this repository and update the keys at the application server side and client side

### Pubnub Keys: Change the PubNub key (obtained from step 4 of BLOCK creation) in the following files
1. routes/index.js --> line numbers 25,26
2. public/javascript/src/main.js --> line numbers 10,11

### Mapbox AccessToken : Change the Mapbox AccessToken in the following files
1. routes/index.js --> line number 31
2. public/javascript/src/main.js --> line number 16

### Object Storage API URL: Change the Object Storage API URL in the following file
1. routes/index.js --> line numbers 129,166

### Object Storage API X-Auth-Token: Change the Object Storage API X-Auth-Token in the following file
1. routes/index.js --> line number 131

STEP 2 :

To RUN the server

1.This application require nodejs. To download and install nodejs on the hosting server, follow this link.

2.Open the AppUI directory in terminal, install all the node package dependencies and run the node application as

node dogtracker_server.js

3.Open the following link in your browser (assuming that you are running the Node.js on a local server)

Alternatively you can host the application on a cloud server and access it via its IP Address.

Clearing the application state

If you want to clear the previously uploaded dog images then send the following URL



  1. The image size should not exceed 2 MB.
  2. Error messages for image upload, XHR and invalid dog breed are alerted as "Unknown Dog Breed"
  3. The auth token for object storage is valid for one day.
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