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Event FeedBack Classifier PubNub fucntion

Pubnub Function creation

Step 1 : Login to the Pubnub account with the valid credentials.
alt-tag Step 2 : Click the "CREATE NEW APP" by giving a name to your APP.
alt-tag alt-tag You can see the newly created APP in the page.
Step 3 : Click on the newly created APP.
You can see the Demo keyset for the new application created. alt-tag
Step 4 : Click on the Demo keyset and click on the Functions (on the left side). alt-tag Step 5 : Create a new Function by giving the name and description to the Fucntion. alt-tag Step 6 : Create the Module(previously called as Event Handler) by clicking CREATE button or GUIDE ME button(for step by step process) at the bottom. alt-tag Step 7 : Give the Name of the Module, Channel to communicate with the Fucntion and the option of when function
code should execute(Before of After publish of the message).
To know which Event Type to select and why click here alt-tag Step 8 : Click on the newly created Module. alt-tag Step 9 : Copy the funtion code in the text area from here. alt-tag

Step 10 : Update line 12 & 13 to set variable 'username' and 'password' to the username and password obtained after creating the Watson Natural Langauge Classifier.

Also dont forget to update the 'url' with url you got while configuring the Natural Language Classifier.
Save the block.

Step 11 : Click on the Start block button(top right) to start the block. alt-tag

Your funtion code is now running