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"""Equities US
.. module:: EquitiesUs
:synopsis: Query information about equities listed in the United States
from sqlalchemy import Column, Integer, BigInteger, String, Date, Float, Boolean, PrimaryKeyConstraint
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base
from datetime import date, datetime
from .Db import StockVizUs2
Base = declarative_base()
class Tickers(Base, StockVizUs2):
"""Query meta data of listed equity (common stock) tickers"""
__tablename__ = 'EQUITY_TICKER_US'
SYMBOL = Column(String(50), nullable=False, primary_key=True) #: ticker/stock symbol. for eg: AAPL
NAME = Column('CO_NAME', String(254), nullable=False) #: name of the company
EXCHANGE = Column('EXCH', String(254), nullable=True) #: listed exchange
MKT_CAP = Column(Float, nullable=True) #: market cap in USD
def __repr__(self):
return f"{self.SYMBOL}/{self.NAME}/{self.EXCHANGE}"
class EodAdjustedTimeSeries(Base, StockVizUs2):
"""Query end-of-day price and volume time-series adjusted for splits, bonus and dividends for listed stocks"""
__tablename__ = 'BHAV_EQ_TD'
SYMBOL = Column(String(10), nullable=False)
TIME_STAMP = Column(Date, nullable = False)
HIGH = Column('H', Float, nullable=True)
LOW = Column('L', Float, nullable=True)
OPEN = Column('O', Float, nullable=True)
CLOSE = Column('C', Float, nullable=True)
VOLUME = Column('V', Float, nullable=True)
__table_args__ = (PrimaryKeyConstraint('SYMBOL', 'TIME_STAMP'),)
def __repr__(self):
return f"{self.SYMBOL}/{self.TIME_STAMP}: {self.HIGH},{self.LOW},{self.OPEN},{self.CLOSE},{self.VOLUME}"
class SecMeta(Base, StockVizUs2):
"""Meta information of companies in the SEC EDGAR database. Useful for SIC."""
__tablename__ = 'SEC_META'
SYMBOL = Column('TICKER', String(50), nullable=False, primary_key=True)
NAME = Column(String(254), nullable=False)
CIK = Column(String(10), nullable=False) #: Central Index Key
SIC = Column(Integer, nullable=False) #: Standard Industrial Classification code
SIC_DESC = Column(String(254), nullable=False) #: Standard Industrial Classification
def __repr__(self):
return f"{self.SYMBOL}/{self.NAME}/{self.SIC_DESC}"
class SecFilings(Base, StockVizUs2):
"""Links to SEC filings. Useful to keep track of M&A events in your portfolio"""
__tablename__ = 'SEC_FILINGS'
ACC_NO = Column(String(50), nullable=False)
SYMBOL = Column('TICKER', String(10), nullable=False)
FILING_DATE = Column(Date, nullable=False)
FILING_URL = Column(String(254), nullable=False)
FILING_TYPE = Column(String(50), nullable=False) #: SC14D9C => acquisitions; DEFM14A => mergers
FORM_NAME = Column(String(510), nullable=False)
__table_args__ = (PrimaryKeyConstraint('ACC_NO', 'TICKER'),)
def __repr__(self):
return f"{self.SYMBOL}/{self.FILING_DATE}/{self.FILING_TYPE}"
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