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A faster way to move around (Bash 3+/Zsh)
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commacd Build Status

A faster way to move around (Bash 3+/Zsh).

commacd is NOT an autojump/z/fasd alternative nor they are mutually exclusive. Think of it as an improved cd.



curl -sSL -o ~/ && \
  echo "source ~/" >> ~/.bashrc

macOS users: make sure ~/.bashrc is sourced from ~/.bash_profile.


curl -sSL -o ~/ && \
  echo "source ~/" >> ~/.zshrc

Upgrading to the latest version

curl -sSL -o ~/


commacd exports three commands: , (for jumping forward), ,, (backward) and ,,, (backward+forward):

~$ , des
  => cd Desktop

# move through multiple directories
~$ , /u/l/ce
  => cd /usr/local/Cellar

# allow me to choose directory in case of ambiguous pattern (= multiple choices)
~$ , d
  => 1 Desktop
     : <type index of the directory to cd into>

# given two directories jdk7 and jdk8 on the Desktop, cd into jdk8 without hitting
# interactive mode (the one shown above)
~/github$ , ~/d/j*8
  => cd ~/Desktop/jdk8

# cd into directory having 'esk' somewhere in its name
~/github$ , ~/esk # in pre-0.2.0 that would be `, ~/*esk`
  => cd ~/Desktop

# go all the way up to the project root (in this case, the one that has .git in it)
~/github/lorem/src/public$ ,,
  => cd ~/github/lorem

# cd into to the first (closest) parent directory named g*
~/github/vimium/src/public$ ,, g
  => cd ~/github

# substitute jekyll with ghost
~/github/jekyll/test$ ,, jekyll ghost
  => cd ~/github/ghost/test

# jump to some other project (in this case, located in ~/github)
~/github/rook/src/public$ ,,, binlog # in pre-0.2.0 you would need to use `m*binlog`
  => cd ~/github/mysql-binlog-connector-java

As a bonus, all three aliases support <Tab> expansion (try , /u/lo<Tab>) and can be combined with other tools (e.g. ls `, /u/lo` ).

For more information, please refer to


make # lint & test


MIT License

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