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Project consists of single Hadoop job - SortJob, which:

  1. sorts sequence of integers (hadoop/input/sequence.txt file)
  2. parses arguments using Apache Commons CLI (library is included inside job jar, see pom.xml)
  3. uses HDFS directories for input/output
  4. uses 1 mapper and 2 reducers


# download and unpack Apache Hadoop 0.20.2+ from
# no ssh or any other configuration is needed
cd sample-maven-project
mvn clean package hadoop:start hadoop:copyFromLocal hadoop:submitJob hadoop:copyToLocal -Dhmp.hadoopHome=<location of hadoop home directory> #1

#1 basically means

  1. prepare job jar
  2. start hadoop
  3. copy hadoop/input directory to HDFS
  4. submit job and wait for its completion
  5. copy sorted data from HDFS to hadoop/output
  6. stop hadoop

#1 can also be replaced with sequence of commands like shown below

# change the value of hmp.hadoopHome property inside pom.xml (to eliminate necessity of passing it for each command below)
mvn hadoop:start -Dhmp.autoShutdown=false #2
mvn hadoop:copyFromLocal
mvn hadoop:submitJob
mvn hadoop:copyToLocal
mvn hadoop:stop # required in order to stop started daemons at #2

Troubleshooting: see /tmp/hmp.log

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