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Plugin provides integration with Apache Ivy dependency manager for Intellij IDEA 8+.


You may either install plugin using Intellij IDEA native way through File->Settings->Plugins or by unpacking latest release to IDEA_HOME/plugins.


IvyPlug defines two main places for configurations:

  • File->Settings->IvyPlug - Contains configurations, common for all modules.
  • File->'Project Structure'->Modules->'concrete-module'->IvyPlug - Contains configurations, specific for 'concrete-module'.

Settings, defined here, take precedence of those from File->Settings->IvyPlug.

Module is considered to be a candidate for Ivy dependencies synchronization only if it contains ivy descriptor.

If you don't specify ivy settings file both on project and module levels, default ivysettings.xml from ivy-x.x.x.jar will be used.

Properties being resolved in runtime

  • module.name - Current module name
  • module.path - Path to the first content root of current module (basedir property alias)

Using behind proxy

Change settings at File->Settings->'HTTP Proxy' according to your environment.