This is a project by PlayMinicraft to update the source code for Minicraft to be easier for developers.
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Miniventures is developed by PlayMinicraft and other developers. Our goals are to improve the Minicraft engine to allow more developer to quickly tap into the engine.

Current Team
Shylor (PlayMinicraft)
David (Minicraft+)
Pirate-Rob (Does nothing)


Update 1 (Understanding)

  • Comment the source code.
  • The goal of this update is to allow others to understand what is going on and how things have developed.

Update 2 (Sprite Rendering)

  • Remove colors from the code and add them to the sprites.
  • Chop of the sprites into their own files.
  • This should make it easier for developers to add in new creatures and items.

Update 3 (Unknown)