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// use with setModel and make sure that the model does have a hasMany() reference to iself with the parent_id
// in order to recursively indent.
// E.g. in model: $this->hasMany('Category','id_parent');
// on page: $f->addField('drilldown','category')->setModel('Model_Category');
class Form_Field_Drilldown extends Form_Field_Dropdown {
public $drill_ref;
public $indent_phrase='---';
function getValueList(){
if ($this->empty_text){
} else {
$res = array();
$this->drill_ref=preg_replace('/((^(model_)?)|(_))([a-z])/e', '\'$4\'.strtoupper(\'$5\')', $this->model->short_name); // model_some_thing -> Some_Thing
if (!isset ($this->model->elements[$this->drill_ref]))
throw $this->exception("No ref found, make sure to use hasMany() in model to itself for parent id")
if(!$this->model->loaded()) $this->model->tryLoad(1);
return $this->value_list=$res;
if($this->empty_text && isset($this->value_list[''])){
return $this->value_list;
function drill($prefix='') {
foreach($childs as $child) {
foreach($this->drill($prefix.$this->indent_phrase) as $key=>$value) { // cannot do array_merge as merge will renumber
return $r;
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