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perooz - Chrome extension for website annotation.

Perooz Inital iteration of the Perooz annotation chrome extension.

This repository consists of only client-side code meant to be run within the browser. To set up server side architecture - look at perooz - Backend code.

Consists of following:
(1) Manifest.json - chrome extension manifest file
(2) js/Background.js - background script for extension
(3) js/content.js - content script that iteracts with the actual web page
(4) js/popup.js - browser action file [what happens when you click on the extension button]
(5) style/inject.css - style for content script
(6) style/style.css - style for popup

To test unpacked extension in chrome browser:
(1) Clone is desktop
(2) Select developer mode in top right-hand corner in chrome://extensions
(3) Click load unpacked extension and select directory containing all the extension files.
(4) Make sure unpacked extension is enabled and test!