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Sia Speaks

Hello, I'm a developer in New Orleans and co-organizer for FrontEndParty. As a developer, I love building things that help make people's lives easier. As a person, I also love making developer's lives easier through teaching, speaking, and mentoring. You can find more information about me and the topics I speak about here. I currently talk about more JavaScript and front-end topics such as JavaScript, front-end performance, and React. Would you like me to speak at one of your events? Email me, or DM me on Twitter!



Here's my most recently recorded talk from Full Stack Fest in Barcelona:


Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Previous Talks and Workshops

Current Active Topics

Get in the Fast Lane: Measuring Web Performance

Are you losing revenue to performance? 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Pinterest reduced load times by 40% and saw a 15% increase in sign ups. Starbucks implemented a 2x faster time to interactive resulting in a 65% increase in rewards registrations. AliExpress reduced load by 36% and saw a 10.5% increase in orders.

Performance is important. Tooling can be hard. Do flame charts intimidate you? Come learn how to audit and fix common performance issues using Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, and

See the full description here.

How I took back my sanity: Coming back from the brink of tech addiction

(This is a soft talk on my story and strategies for combatting device and social media addiction and distraction.)

Our lives aren’t our lives anymore. We distract ourselves with social media. We stress about negative news and discourse. We avoid the tough problems. Over the last eight years, I’ve made a sea change in my levels of stress and happiness. I’m sharing my discoveries in the hopes that it can help you in your own journey to contentment.

The Future of Front-End Performance

Help! My app bundle is 5MB! My users are angry that my app is so slow! It’s easy to forget that performance matters when we are under pressure to deliver features quickly. What data should we use to inform our decisions? From code splitting, lazy loading, and tree shaking to bundle analysis, progressive rendering, and modern transpiling, come learn how you can deliver a better experience to your users with high-performing front-end apps. This talk is library-agnostic (React, Angular, Vue, etc.).

Responsive Images

Images account for more than 40% of the bytes downloaded to load a website. How can you make sure that your users only download the smallest image necessary while preserving image quality? Which file formats suit which image types best? How can you use art direction in images to show the best image for a viewport layout? Come learn about this an more! A basic understanding in HTML and CSS is required to get the most out of this talk. (Can be easily converted to a workshop)

Performance and Real User Monitoring

What is Real User Monitoring versus Synthetic Testing in the realm of front-end performance? What are some of the tools available to measure both? In this talk we'll do an overview of measurement methods and do a deep-dive on the Navigation, Resource, and User Timing APIs.

Getting to Know Webpack 4 Workshop

Are you afraid of your build tool? Fret no more. Come learn the basics of Webpack, using the new version 4. We'll learn about the new features such as sensible defaults as well as the core features. During this half-day workshop, we will build a simple application using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and images to understand all parts of setting up the build tool.

Universal React Apps Using Next.js

Every user’s hardware is different, and processing speed can hinder user experience on client-side rendered React applications. Server-side rendering and code-splitting can drastically improve user experience by minimizing the work that the client has to do. It’s easy to get lost in the lingo, so come learn what it all means and how to easily build universal React apps using the Next.js framework. We’ll walk through the concepts and use code examples to cement your understanding. You’ll get the most out of this session if you’re comfortable with React and ES6 syntax.

Next-level React Workshop: React Router, Redux and More

Come learn about intermediate to advanced topics for building real-world ReactJS Web applications in this full-day workshop. We will start by learning about the core fundamentals of Redux including pure functions, actions, reducers, the store, and subscriptions. Then we will integration Redux into a React app, learning about components vs containers, accessing the store, async actions, middleware, and thunks. Next, we will layer in React Router 4, learning about params, queries, and redirects; prompt before navigation, and scrollToTop. Time permitting and based on audience preferences, we can learn about using component libraries, styling, ES6+, and more! Basic knowledge of React is required for this workshop.

Your Idea Here

Do you need help with a specific topic? Would you prefer a longer workshop instead of a conference-style talk? Let me know!

Bio, Headshot, and Testimonials

Bio - Long

Sia Karamalegos is the founder and lead developer Clio + Calliope, a mobile and web design and development firm based in New Orleans. She has over 15 years of experience in technology, strategy, project management, and operations from small startups to large corporations across multiple industries, especially high-tech and education. She taught web development to adults at Tech Talent South, a southern-based tech education company, and wrote curriculum for Viking Code School, the top online software engineering training and job placement program.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, Sia was recognized in the Silicon Bayou 100, the 100 most influential and active people in tech and entrepreneurship in Louisiana. She co-organizes #FrontEndParty, gnocode, and NOLA Hack Night in the New Orleans area. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in chemical engineering and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. When she's not coding, speaking, or consulting, Sia likes to design crochet patterns and dabble in charcoal figure drawing. She's also an avid endurance athlete.

Bio - Short

Sia Karamalegos is a developer, international conference speaker, and writer. She co-organizes #FrontEndParty, gnocode, and NOLA Hack Night in the New Orleans area. She is the founder and lead developer for Clio + Calliope Web Development and was recognized in the Silicon Bayou 100, the 100 most influential and active people in tech and entrepreneurship in Louisiana. When she's not coding, speaking, or consulting, Sia likes to design crochet patterns and dabble in charcoal figure drawing. She's also an avid endurance athlete.



"Sia was my instructor at Tech Talent South. Thanks to her I've been able to move forward in my career as a Software Developer. Her knowledge and endless patience for our questions created a foundation that I've been building on ever since. She is a fantastic teacher." -- Ryan Hageman, independent software developer

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