a desktop client for Twitter, implemented in Java using the Swing library and the framework Twitter4J
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#####This fork of a random Swing application gives you an impression, which technical possabilities you have, when you migrate Swing to JavaFX. You find more details and a tutorial in the screencast below.#####

If you have further questions or migration support requests, just give me a ping (alexander.casall@saxsys.de)

Video Screencast:

<img src="https://developers.google.com/youtube/images/YouTube-icon-full_color.png" alt="alt text" width="300"">

Original Description:


A desktop client for Twitter.


The goal is to write a desktop client that includes all functionalities the Twitter API v1.1 offers.
Furthermore it should look as pretty as it's possible using Java Swing. ;)

How to login with your Twitter account

You have to generate your own OAuth tokens on https://dev.twitter.com.

  1. log in
  2. click on My applications in the drop down menu under your icon
  3. click on Create New App complete the form
  4. After that click on your new created application
  5. at tab Permissions choose Read, Write and Access direct messages and confirm
  6. at tab API Keys click on generate my access token

Now you can start your client and insert the four strings into the Login dialog.

Technical Details

  • Library: Twitter4J v4.0.2
  • Database: SQLite (driver: sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar)