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A wrapper around the item search and lookup functionalities of the ruby-aaws gem

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Amazon Products


Use this library if you want to pull down information (via searches or specific product lookup) about products on Amazon.


ruby-aaws gem (sudo gem install ruby-aaws)

You will need an AWS access key ID. The location of this will need to be configured much like what is shown below.


The yaml file containing your access_key_id should look something like this:

access_key_id: your-key-here

There is no default location for the config file, so you must supply the location somewhere in your app like so:

AmazonProducts.config_location = 'config/amazon.yml'

You can search for products like this:

  require 'amazon_products'
  search ='Books', 'knitting')
  results = search.execute
  @first_result = results.first

Then in an HTML template somewhere, assuming you wanted to use an image from one of your results:

<img src="#{@first_result.medium_image.url}"/>

The individual item lookup works about the same:

require 'amazon_products'
lookup ='0834003503', 'ISBN')
@result = lookup.execute


Right now there is only support for Books, DVDs, Music and VideoGames (those are all I need right now :-)

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