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A data table fieldtype for Perch CMS using Handsontable.
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Table fieldtype for Perch CMS. Works in standard templates and within blocks. Creates a configurable editable datatable within the Perch admin and outputs an HTML <table> element.

Be warned! This README document is a work in progress and the repository is subject to change until marked as v1.0.


Download and place the simona_table folder within perch/addons/fieldtypes.


Once installed, the fieldtype can be used in a template by setting the type attribute to simona_table:

<perch:content id="mytable" type="simona_table" label="Editable Table" />

Example templates are supplied in the templates folder.

Table data is editable within Perch. To add and remove rows or columns, right-click and use the context menu. Note: columns can only be added or removed if the columns attribute is not specified (see below).

Column headers are editable within Perch. The Perch region Save Changes and Save & Add another buttons are disabled while column headers are in edit mode.



Optional. The columns attribute takes a comma-separated list that defines the structure of the table. An optional type and format/options for each column can also be specified, separated by |. If used, column names are output in the <thead> section of the <table> element. If the columns attribute is not used, an empty 2*4 table is created and the user can add or remove columns as desired via right-click.

Example: <perch:content id="mytable" type="simona_table" label="Predefined Table" columns="Name,Age|numeric,Value|numeric|$0.00,Date of Birth|date|DD MMM YYYY,Active|checkbox|yes;no,Favourite colour|dropdown|blue;red;yellow;pink" />

Suported column types: text (the default), numeric, date, checkbox, dropdown.


Patterns for the numeric column type should follow the numbrojs pattern syntax.


Formats for the date column type follow the moment.js syntax. Default is DD-MM-YYYY.


Checkbox values can be specified as checked_value;unchecked_value. Default is true;false.


Dropdown options should be specified by a semi-colon delimited list, as in the example above.


Optional. If specified, the class attribute is applied to the output <table> element. <perch:content id="mytable" type="simona_table" label="Editable Table" class="table table-striped" />


Optional: Set to true to hide the <thead> section in the output. <perch:content id="mytable" type="simona_table" label="Editable Table" hide-headers="true" />


Optional: Set the culture for numeric column types. See the Handsontable docs.

Future Development

  • Implement individual formatting of table cells within Perch.
  • Optional data validation: for example, don't allow saving if a numeric cell contains text.
  • Merge cells functionality.
  • Load data from file.



perch-cms-fieldtype-table is released under the MIT License.

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