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@github-actions github-actions released this 06 Dec 09:55
· 1 commit to canary since this release


  • App user interface improvement

  • New languages: Hungarian & Arabic

  • A14: Added option to remove lockscreen customization pill

  • Bugfixes Compatibility:
    Pixel Stock Rom:
    13 QPR1 (December 2022) and later
    14 Stable
    14 QPR1 (December 2023)

If you're updating from previous versions:
Update your module via module update shortcut in Magisk, or use the built-in updater located in the app

To install, you will need to:
Install LSPosed Zygisk (
Install the zip file in Magisk (You will be able to install canary builds once the stable version is installed, through in-app updater)
Technically, the module should automatically activate itself in Lsposed and get its required root permissions. If didn't, please activate manually and reboot again