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A geospatial library for .NET
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Geo - a geospatial library for .NET

NuGet Build Status

Geo is a spatial library that is made specfically for geographic data.

Wiki | Issues

NuGet Packages

Geo - NuGet (.NET 4.0+, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.0+, Silverlight 5, Xamarin Android and iOS)

Features include:

  • Geographic geometry types:
    • Point
    • LineString
    • Polygon, Triangle
    • Circle
    • GeometryCollection, MultiPoint, MultiLineString, and MultiPolygon
  • GPS types:
    • GPSData
    • Route
    • Track
  • Serialize and deserialize geometries:
    • WKT (Well-known text)
    • WKB (Well-known binary)
    • GeoJSON
    • Spatial4n/Spatial4j shape strings
  • Serialize and deserialize GPS files:
    • GPX
    • NMEA (deserialize only)
    • IGC (deserialize only)
    • Garmin Flightplan (deserialize only)
    • SkyDemon flightplan (deserialize only)
    • PocketFMS flightplan (deserialize only)
  • Geographic calculations
    • Distance
    • Area
    • Greate circle lines
    • Rhumb lines
  • Geomagnetism calculations
    • IGRF / WMM models
    • Declination, Inclination, Intensity, etc.

Geo.Raven - NuGet (.NET 4.0+)

Features include:

  • Define RavenDB indexes against Geo geometries
  • Use Geo geometries in RavenDB spatial queries

RavenDB JsonConverters for Geo - NuGet (.NET 4.0+, Silverlight 5)

RavenDB JsonConverters, which let you take advantage of the new spatial features in Raven 2.5.

Useful Information

  • All ordinates are in degress, unless specified otherwise
  • All measurements are in S.I. units (metres, seconds, etc.), unless specified otherwise
  • The coordinate reference system is assumed to be WGS-84


Geo is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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