Just a starter code to use redux and react-native with Login
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React Native Redux Starter Code

Login using Redux, Redux Saga and Redux Storage

Good practice to create a Login using Redux, Redux Saga and Redux Storage, can be easily port to React Web

Goodness inside

  • normalizr - handle complex redux state
  • react-native-gifted-spinner - a cool RN loader
  • react-native-router-flux - easy navigation/router with redux support
  • react-native-vector-icons - awesome icons
  • redux-saga - side effects using generators
  • redux-storage - side redux state tree
  • react-native-navbar - navigation bar
  • react-native-button - buttons for RN

First, install everything

npm i

Then Link

rnpm link

To run your app on iOS:

react-native run-ios

or Open ios/App.xcodeproj in Xcode Hit the Run button

To run your app on Android:

Have an Android emulator running (quickest way to get started), or a device connected

react-native run-android