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XFilesharing Free - Free version of file hosting script

Run your own file sharing site and earn money online.

About XFilesharing

XFilesharing Free is a free version version of world known file hosting script XFilesharing Pro which is available at XFilesharing Pro - file hosting script website.

This free version supplied without support or liability, you're free to modify it on your own.. The only restriction is that Sibsoft copyright must remain in place on any installation.


  • Perl higher than 5.005 version []
  • MySQL database []
  • Apache mod_rewrite module
  • .htaccess files support []
  • GD lib, GD perl mudule (Optional) [] []


    Please follow instructions from the INSTALL.txt file.


    XFilesharing File Hosting Script Free trademark is owned by Sibsoft Ltd and is released under the MIT license. You are free to use and modify it on your own with keeping Sibsoft copyright in place.


    This software supplied as is and without any support.