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#!/usr/bin/env python
Command line interface to interact with a VNC Server
(c) 2010 Marc Sibson
MIT License
import optparse
import sys
import os
import shlex
import random
import tempfile
import logging
import logging.handlers
from twisted.python.log import PythonLoggingObserver
from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol
from twisted.python import log
from vncdotool.client import VNCDoToolFactory, VNCDoToolClient
from vncdotool.loggingproxy import VNCLoggingServerFactory
log = logging.getLogger()
SUPPORTED_FORMATS = ('png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'bmp')
def log_exceptions(type_, value, tb):
log.critical('Unhandled exception:', exc_info=(type_, value, tb))
def log_connected(pcol):'connected to %s' %
return pcol
def error(reason):
reactor.exit_status = 10
def stop(pcol):
reactor.exit_status = 0
# XXX delay
reactor.callLater(0.1, reactor.stop)
class ExitingProcess(protocol.ProcessProtocol):
def processExited(self, reason):
reactor.callLater(0.1, reactor.stop)
def errReceived(self, data):
print data
class VNCDoToolOptionParser(optparse.OptionParser):
def format_help(self, **kwargs):
result = optparse.OptionParser.format_help(self, **kwargs)
result += '\n'.join(
'Commands (CMD):',
' key KEY:\tsend KEY to server',
'\t\tKEY is alphanumeric or a keysym, e.g. ctrl-c, del',
' type TEXT:\tsend alphanumeric string of TEXT',
' move|mousemove X Y:\tmove the mouse cursor to position X,Y',
' click BUTTON:\tsend a mouse BUTTON click',
' capture FILE:\tsave current screen as FILE',
' expect FILE FUZZ: Wait until the screen matches FILE',
'\t\tFUZZ amount of error tolerance (RMSE) in match',
' mousedown BUTTON:\tsend BUTTON down',
' mouseup BUTTON:\tsend BUTTON up',
' pause DURATION:\twait DURATION seconds before sending next',
' drag X Y:\tmove the mouse to X,Y in small steps',
' record PORT FILE:\tforward connections on PORT to server and log activity to FILE',
' viewer FILE:\tLaunch a VNC viewer and record actions to FILE',
' service PORT:\tRecord activity to a new file for every connection',
return result
def build_command_list(factory, args, delay=None, warp=1.0):
client = VNCDoToolClient
while args:
cmd = args.pop(0)
if cmd == 'key':
key = args.pop(0)
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.keyPress, key)
elif cmd in ('kdown', 'keydown'):
key = args.pop(0)
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.keyDown, key)
elif cmd in ('kup', 'keyup'):
key = args.pop(0)
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.keyUp, key)
elif cmd in ('move', 'mousemove'):
x, y = int(args.pop(0)), int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.mouseMove, x, y)
elif cmd == 'click':
button = int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.mousePress, button)
elif cmd in ('mdown', 'mousedown'):
button = int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.mouseDown, button)
elif cmd in ('mup', 'mouseup'):
button = int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.mouseUp, button)
elif cmd == 'type':
for key in args.pop(0):
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.keyPress, key)
elif cmd == 'capture':
filename = args.pop(0)
imgformat = os.path.splitext(filename)[1][1:]
if imgformat not in SUPPORTED_FORMATS:
print 'unsupported image format "%s", choose one of %s' % (
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.captureScreen, filename)
elif cmd == 'expect':
filename = args.pop(0)
rms = int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.expectScreen, filename, rms)
elif cmd in ('pause', 'sleep'):
duration = float(args.pop(0)) / warp
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.pause, duration)
elif cmd in 'drag':
x, y = int(args.pop(0)), int(args.pop(0))
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.mouseDrag, x, y)
elif os.path.isfile(cmd):
lex = shlex.shlex(open(cmd), posix=True)
lex.whitespace_split = True
args = list(lex) + args
print 'unknown cmd "%s"' % cmd
if delay and args:
factory.deferred.addCallback(client.pause, float(delay) / 1000)
def build_tool(options, args):
factory = VNCDoToolFactory()
if options.verbose:
if args == ['-']:
lex = shlex.shlex(posix=True)
lex.whitespace_split = True
args = list(lex)
build_command_list(factory, args, options.delay, options.warp)
reactor.connectTCP(, int(options.port), factory)
reactor.exit_status = 1
return factory
def build_proxy(options):
factory = VNCLoggingServerFactory(, int(options.port))
port = reactor.listenTCP(options.listen, factory)
reactor.exit_status = 0
factory.listen_port = port.getHost().port
return factory
def build_optparser(usage, description):
op = VNCDoToolOptionParser(usage=usage, description=description)
op.add_option('-p', '--password', action='store', metavar='PASSWORD',
help='use password to access server')
op.add_option('-s', '--server', action='store', metavar='SERVER',
help='connect to VNC server at ADDRESS[:DISPLAY|::PORT] [%default]')
op.add_option('--logfile', action='store', metavar='FILE',
help='output logging information to FILE')
op.add_option('-v', '--verbose', action='count')
return op
def setup_logging(options):
# route Twisted log messages via stdlib logging
if options.logfile:
handler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(options.logfile,
maxBytes=5*1024*1024, backupCount=5)
sys.excepthook = log_exceptions
if options.verbose > 1:
elif options.verbose:
def parse_host(options):
split = options.server.split(':')
if not split[0]: = ''
else: = split[0]
if len(split) == 3: # ::port
options.port = int(split[2])
elif len(split) == 2: # :display
options.port = int(split[1]) + 5900
options.port = 5900
return options
def vnclog():
usage = '%prog [options] OUTPUT'
description = 'Capture user interactions with a VNC Server'
op = build_optparser(usage, description)
op.add_option('--listen', metavar='PORT', type='int',
help='listen for client connections on PORT [%default]')
op.add_option('--forever', action='store_true',
help='continually accept new connections')
op.add_option('--viewer', action='store', metavar='CMD',
help='launch an interactive client using CMD [%default]')
options, args = op.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
op.error('incorrect number of arguments')
output = args[0]
factory = build_proxy(options)
if options.forever and os.path.isdir(output):
factory.output = output
elif options.forever:
op.error('--forever requires OUTPUT to be a directory')
elif output == '-':
factory.output = sys.stdout
factory.output = open(output, 'w')
if options.listen == 0:'accepting connections on ::%d', factory.listen_port)
factory.password = options.password
if options.viewer:
cmdline = '%s localhost::%s' % (options.viewer, factory.listen_port)
proc = reactor.spawnProcess(ExitingProcess(),
options.viewer, cmdline.split(),
def vncdo():
usage = '%prog [options] (CMD CMDARGS|-|filename)'
description = 'Command line control of a VNC server'
op = build_optparser(usage, description)
op.add_option('--delay', action='store', metavar='MILLISECONDS',
default=os.environ.get('VNCDOTOOL_DELAY', 0), type='int',
help='delay MILLISECONDS between actions [%defaultms]')
op.add_option('--nocursor', action='store_true',
help='no mouse pointer in screen captures')
op.add_option('--localcursor', action='store_true',
help='mouse pointer drawn client-side, useful when server does not include cursor')
op.add_option('-w', '--warp', action='store', type='float',
metavar='FACTOR', default=1.0,
help='pause time is accelerated by FACTOR [x%default]')
options, args = op.parse_args()
if not len(args):
op.error('no command provided')
parse_host(options)'connecting to %s:%s',, options.port)
factory = build_tool(options, args)
factory.password = options.password
if options.nocursor:
factory.nocursor = True
if options.localcursor:
factory.pseudocusor = True
if __name__ == '__main__':
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