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-d command line option does nothing #10

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it seems that the -d command line flag for setting the display does nothing.
tested on commit 1882303
the following snippet would integrate it into the current parsing logic by overriding the explicit port declaration.

diff --git a/vncdotool/ b/vncdotool/
index 7318d6a..446e6c9 100644
--- a/vncdotool/
+++ b/vncdotool/
@@ -226,6 +226,9 @@ def parse_host(options):
         options.port = 5900

+    if options.display:
+       options.port = options.display + 5900
     return options

You caught me! I was half way though doing away with -d all together and replacing it with the host:display and host::port syntax that other tools are using, eg vncdo -s somehost:49 rather than vncdo -s somehost -d 49. Is there a use case for -d that the host:display syntax doesn't cover?


hehe :) - i suspected that.
i just didn't know if you wanted both or just one method.

i would say the IP:PORT syntax is perfectly fine. but please bear in mind that everyone is used to IP:PORT. if you want to distinguish between IP:PORT/DISPLAY i would use IP:PORT and IP::DISPLAY.


I agree IP:PORT would make sense but most other VNC viewers are using the IP::PORT syntax. I've choose to be consistent with them.

@sibson sibson closed this in 145b653
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