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vncdotool 0.9.0

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@sibson sibson released this 09 May 04:56
· 220 commits to master since this release
  • connect to multiple servers when using api, Daniel Stelter-Gliese
  • add special keys [~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"<>?] to --force-caps, for servers that don't handle them, Tyler Oderkirk, Aragats Amirkhanyan
  • improve vnclog performance with TCP_NODELAY, Ian Britten
  • drop official support for py2.4 and py2.5
  • use PIllow rather than PIL
  • by default pause 10ms between commands, better compatability
  • improvements to password handing when using API
  • fix multi-threading imports
  • better handle screen resizing, Daniel Stelter-Gliese

Thanks to Jan Sedlák, Daniel Stelter-Gliese, Antti Kervinen, Anatoly Techtonik, Tyler Oderkirk and Aragats Amirkhanyan for helping make this release possible