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Meta Education


  • Python 2.7
  • Nodejs > 6
  • Mongo > 3


Copy config/config.sample.js to config/config.js and edit password/username credentials

Prepare a virtualenv (from 'home')

  • Install virtualenv with pip sudo pip install virtualenv
  • Create your virtual environment virtualenv venv (venv is the name)
  • Activate your virtual environment source venv/bin/activate

Run XAPI crawler and parser (from your local meta-education repository)

  python install # install the crawler with dependencies

  xapi-client # crawl last day
  xapi-client -d 30 -s '2016-12-10 16:45:00.12'  # crawl last 30 days starting from Oct 12, 4:45pm

Read the crawler help with

usage: xapi-client [-h] [--start START] [--duration DURATION] [--debug]
                   [--recrawl] [--offset OFFSET]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --start START, -s START
                        Crawling start time - format : 2016-12-10 16:45:00.12
  --duration DURATION, -d DURATION
                        Duration until crawl final timestamp (number of days)
  --debug, -v           Activate the Debug mode and show all logs
  --recrawl, -r         Recrawl all data for the time period
  --offset OFFSET, -o OFFSET
                        Start crawling from this offset

Collect valid IDs from the database

python data/

Run the viz server app

See in app folder for more info

cd app
npm install
npm run dev-client
npm run dev-server

run on http://localhost:3000

Run in production

npm start

Release a new version

npm run publish

Deploy on the prod server

Data Crawler

To get the latest data on the sever

  • Activate Python virtual environment (using virtualenv) : . venv/bin/activate
  • Go in the code folder cd meta-education
  • Install the Python lib python install
  • Launch the crawler xapi-client -v

Web App

Update and restart the web server

  • Check the current UID (process ID) with forever list
  • Stop the current web server using killall node
  • Check if processes are all down using ps aux | grep node
  • Launch the script ./ - it will update the code and start a new server (see below)
  • The launch of the app takes approx 1min (time to rebuild JS assets)
cd meta-education
git pull origin master
cd app
npm install
forever start -c "npm start" .