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The Systems & Infrastructure Encyclopedia Toolkit

SICEKIT is a set of tools and templates designed for MediaWiki to aid
people who maintain systems and infrastructure for a living in their
daily tasks.

Most infrastructure, operations and sysadmin teams, when faced with a
documentation task, are constantly troubled by lack of standards, tools
and methods for properly documenting their changes. More often than not
the result is a pile of Spreadsheets or plain text documents which are
hardly usable as configuration management database, seldomly versioned and
not very user-friendly.

SICEKIT tries to fill in the blanks prevalent in such environments by
providing structure for item/device classes, version control for the
stored information as well as automatically generated overviews and
custom query interfaces.

By basing it on an open Wiki implementation, you still have the
flexibility you need in your business area.


You can get the latest version of SICEKIT from


See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


See the LICENSE file for licensing information.
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