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- Disable heavy login screen wallpaper
- Disable updates (at your own risk!)

## Increase disk space by mounting filesystem on separate physical disk
## Increase disk space by moving /var/lib/docker to external drive, block storage, NFS, or any other location conceivable.

For more information SEE
Move /var/lib/docker, following the tutorial below

- Mount /var/lib/docker on physical disk
- Use cheap physical disk storage instead using your server's disk
- Cheap large physical disk storage instead using your server's disk, or SSD.
- Block Storage, NFS, etc.

Tutorial here:

Only follow the above tutorial if you are happy with wiping all your current Docker images/layers.

Safe mode: Disable docker temporarily so you can move the Docker folder temporarily.

- Do NOT do this until you have moved your image out already [](

killall dockerd
systemctl disable --now docker
systemctl disable --now docker.socket
systemctl stop docker
systemctl stop docker.socket
Now, that Docker daemon is off, move /var/lib/docker somewhere

Then, symbolicly link /var/lib/docker somewhere:

mv /var/lib/docker /run/media/user/some_drive/docker
ln -s /run/media/user/some_drive/docker /var/lib/docker

# now check if /var/lib/docker is working still
ls /var/lib/docker
If you see folders, then it worked. You can restart Docker, or just reboot if you want to be sure.

## Important notices:

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