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Add support for:
- distinct function:
- modifier functions:
- declaring indexes:
User.index :foo
- embeds n, :resources - the work has been started but it's not finished yet
General stuff:
- figure out why DataMapper::Model::Hook and DataMapper::Validate need to be explicitly included on EmbeddedResource
- embeded resources within embedded resources
- figure out how to include the shared adapter spec from dm-core and overwrite Heffalump model so it will work fine
- organize specs in groups (public/semipublic like in dm-core maybe?)
- improve test coverage, especially for embedded resources and handling of custom types
- update README
- clean up and document the code
- write a basic tutorial
And a big one:
figure out what needs to be improved in dm-core so there won't be a need to override its private API :)
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