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sjlevy commented Jun 13, 2011

I am using the plugin in a Ruby on Rails project

I often generate new controllers and models, which create new files

When I return to NetBeans and refresh my project files, NetBeans sees the newly created files -- but off-plugin does not have them in the index, meaning the new files can't be found

off-plugin needs to reindex at the point when NetBeans scans for project changes

I currently have to reopen netbeans every time so that off-plugin can rebuild its index


Chris2011 commented Sep 3, 2014

The same problem here. Use NB 8.0 on Windows 7.


mjomble commented May 19, 2015

@Chris2011 is your problem also related to Ruby on Rails?

I just tested this on a Java Application project by manually adding a new file outside NetBeans after the OFF plugin had performed its original indexing. The new file was correctly picked up and added to the index.

Before I investigate possible issues with Ruby on Rails projects, I'd like to confirm whether there are still any active users of this plugin on RoR projects. If yes, I'd also like to know if you have a similar issue on a plain Java project or if the new file detection works there and is only broken with RoR projects.


Chris2011 commented May 20, 2015

I have never used RoR and I don't have to atm. So it was a problem in JS and JAVA. Maybe it was a false behaviour with my dev version. I have to check it again.


markiewb commented Mar 6, 2016

As a workaround you can now reindex the project manually #32. I guess that fixing #26 will also help

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