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Ps is a Rack application for introspecting process list on the machine it is running on. It doesn't implement any authentication/authorization mechanisms and this should be handled by the user itself (ie. by configuring webserver or firewall).

Ps is implemented in Sinatra as JSON API.


Ps uses bundler for dependency management. To install all needed gems run following in app directory:

bundle install

It provides boot file for Rack enabled webservers, the only thing left is to start the server.

Request & response formats

All calls made to the Ps API should use HTTP GET verb and proper path (see below).

All responses from API return HTTP 200 status code and JSON encoded data (unless otherwise stated).

API calls

API consists of 2 calls:

  • listing all processes
  • getting detailed information for specified process (by PID)

Getting list of running processes

To return all processes running on the machine make following request:


For example:

$ curl -s localhost:4000/ | python -mjson.tool
      "cmdline": "zsh",
      "comm": "zsh",
      "pid": 15125,
      "rss": 919,
      "rss_bytes": 3764224,
      "state": "S",
      "vsize": 8523776
      "cmdline": "zsh",
      "comm": "zsh",
      "pid": 15568,
      "rss": 927,
      "rss_bytes": 3796992,
      "state": "S",
      "vsize": 8519680

Fields returned for each process: cmdline, comm, pid, rss, rss_bytes, state, vsize. For explanation of their meaning refer to /proc filesystem manual (man proc).

Additional rss_bytes field is process' physical memory usage (resident set size) in bytes as opposed to rss which is the number of process' memory pages currently in physical memory.

Processes can be filtered by command name by using filter query parameter:

GET /?filter=zsh

They can be also ordered by specific field by using order query parameter:

GET /?order=rss

Options can be combined:

GET /?filter=ruby&order=vsize

Getting detailed information for specific process

To get detailed information for specific process make following request:


where PID is the PID of the process you're requesting information for.

For example:

$ curl -s localhost:4000/15125 | python -mjson.tool
    "blocked": 0,
    "cmajflt": 46,
    "cmdline": "zsh",
    "cminflt": 166838,
    "cnswap": 0,
    "comm": "zsh",
    "cstime": 356,
    "cutime": 1526,
    "cwd": "/home/kill/code/ps",
    "egid": 1000,
    "endcode": 135037840,
    "environ": {
        "COLORTERM": "gnome-terminal",
        "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS": "unix:abstract",
        "DEFAULTS_PATH": "/usr/share/gconf/gnome.default.path",
        "DESKTOP_SESSION": "gnome",
        "DISPLAY": ":0.0",
        "GDMSESSION": "gnome",
        "GDM_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT": "pl",
        "GDM_LANG": "en_US.utf8",
        "GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID": "this-is-deprecated",
        "GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL": "/tmp/keyring-CLLMli",
        "GNOME_KEYRING_PID": "1631",
        "GTK_MODULES": "canberra-gtk-module",
        "HOME": "/home/kill",
        "LANG": "en_US.utf8",
        "LC_CTYPE": "pl_PL.utf8",
        "LC_TIME": "en_GB.utf8",
        "LOGNAME": "kill",
        "MANDATORY_PATH": "/usr/share/gconf/gnome.mandatory.path",
        "ORBIT_SOCKETDIR": "/tmp/orbit-kill",
        "PATH": "/home/kill/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games",
        "PWD": "/home/kill",
        "SESSION_MANAGER": "local/lenny:@/tmp/.ICE-unix/1650,unix/lenny:/tmp/.ICE-unix/1650",
        "SHELL": "/usr/bin/zsh",
        "SSH_AGENT_PID": "1685",
        "SSH_AUTH_SOCK": "/tmp/keyring-CLLMli/ssh",
        "TERM": "xterm",
        "USER": "kill",
        "USERNAME": "kill",
        "WINDOWID": "75497509",
        "WINDOWPATH": "7",
        "XAUTHORITY": "/var/run/gdm/auth-for-kill-sDCBqS/database",
        "XDG_CONFIG_DIRS": "/etc/xdg/xdg-gnome:/etc/xdg",
        "XDG_DATA_DIRS": "/usr/share/gnome:/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/",
        "XDG_SESSION_COOKIE": "aa11096f4c5d692f1d7163080000000d-1302985532.6160-1168950418"
    "euid": 1000,
    "exe": "/bin/zsh4",
    "exit_signal": 17,
    "fd": {
        "0": "/dev/pts/3",
        "1": "/dev/pts/3",
        "10": "/dev/pts/3",
        "12": "/usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion.zwc",
        "15": "/usr/share/zsh/functions/Misc.zwc",
        "16": "/usr/share/zsh/functions/Prompts.zwc",
        "2": "/dev/pts/3"
    "flags": 4202496,
    "gid": 1000,
    "itrealvalue": 0,
    "kstkeip": 3079078934,
    "kstkesp": 3220654232,
    "majflt": 10,
    "minflt": 8283,
    "name": "zsh",
    "nice": 0,
    "nswap": 0,
    "pgrp": 15125,
    "pid": 15125,
    "policy": 0,
    "ppid": 15121,
    "priority": 20,
    "processor": 0,
    "rlim": 4294967295,
    "root": "/",
    "rss": 919,
    "rss_bytes": 3764224,
    "rt_priority": 0,
    "session": 15125,
    "sigcatch": 134291459,
    "sigignore": 3686404,
    "signal": 0,
    "startcode": 134512640,
    "startstack": 3220655744,
    "starttime": 117923339,
    "state": "S",
    "stime": 10,
    "tpgid": 15552,
    "tty_nr": 34819,
    "uid": 1000,
    "utime": 29,
    "vsize": 8523776,
    "wchan": 3222662362

All additional fields are also described in manual for /proc filesystem (man proc).

If given PID is invalid or refers to nonexistent process then response status is set to 404.


Test suite for the app can be run by following command:

rake tests


Marcin Kulik (@sickill)

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