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Apostate. Judas. Deceiver. Traytor.

Shows specified tray icon from commandline. Accepts single icon file or directory filled with icons if you want to animate.


Clone repository and symlink traytor bin to sth in your $PATH:

$ git clone git://
$ ln -s `pwd`/traytor/bin/traytor ~/bin/traytor


$ traytor -h
usage: traytor [-h] [-t <tooltip>] [-c <command>] [-i <interval>] <image file or directory with images>

optional arguments:
-h, --help    show this help message and exit
-t tooltip    specify tooltip for tray icon
-i interval   animation frame duration (in milliseconds), default: 1000
-c command    run specified command when tray icon clicked


Marcin Kulik (@sickill)

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