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Name : Data Structure Remote Centre ID : 1190

College / Institute Name : Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research

City, State, Pin Code : Pune, Maharashtra, 411016

Names of the Students : Ankita Gupta, Abhi Shah, Ashwin Mehendale

About (Short Description / Summary): The application is a tutorial for learning Data Structures.

Generation of Data Structure using given value.

For instance, given ten numbers, the application will show how the data structure containing those numbers would look like. It also shows how bubble sorting and selection sorting are performed.

The application also demonstrates animated examples for various operations.

Install (Installation procedure): The application will be installed on the device once the user selects the apk file and clicks on Install.


Start the application and press Start button.

Select the data structure/sort operation of your choice - Stack, Queue, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort.

If you select Stack, enter the values to be pushed/popped. The output after performing the operation/s will be displayed at the top.

To view an animated demonstration, click on "Stack Animation".

Use the back button of the device to navigate to the previous screen.

Queue can also be used in a similar manner.

If you select Selection Sort, enter the values that you would like to sort and press Submit after each number. Enter atleast 4 values.

Click on "Sort" after entering all the numbers.

To view an animated example, click on "Selection Sort Animation".

Bubble Sort can be used in a similar manner.

Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group):-

GNU GPL Version 3, 29 June 2007.

Please refer this [link] ( for detailed description.

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