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Name : Geological App

Remote Centre ID : 1190

College / Institute Name : Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research

City, State, Pin Code : Pune, Maharashtra, 411016

Name/’s of the Students : Bhavesh Kawad, Walter Coutinho, Derick Samuel

About (Short Description / Summary):

It is an application which will aid Geology Students in Identifying and Studying the various types of rocks available in the world. The application contains the following features:

  1. Display the 3 main types of rocks.

  2. Each type of rock contains a list of the most commonly found rocks in the world along with an image and detailed information.

  3. User can call an expert in the field using the telephony feature.

  4. A simple quiz in which the user will have to identify the rock according to the features provided.

Install (Installation procedure): The application will be installed on the device once the user selects the apk file and clicks on Install.


Start the application and click on Introduction to read about Geology. Switch the tab and select Rock cycle to view information about the rock cycle. Select the Call tab to call an expert in this field.

Click on the action bar to view other links such as Web links, Email us, Home, Back etc. Select the data structure/sort operation of your choice - Stack, Queue, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort.

Click on Types of Rocks and select the type of rock about which you would like to gain information. Select the List tab to view all types of the category of rock selected.

Click on Test Your Skills to attempt a quiz on rocks.

Click on Help and Search to view information for a specific Rock. E.g. Andesite.

Click on Quit to close the application.

Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group):-

GNU GPL Version 3, 29 June 2007.

Please refer this [link] ( for detailed description.


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