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mrpc Specification

mrpc is a asynchronous RPC system designed with performance in mind. It is based loosely on the MessagePackRPC and dnode protocols.


  • Fast
  • Memory and bandwidth efficient
  • Simple
  • Drop in replacement for dnode (for the most part)


  1. The client will request a list of methods from the server. This will be accomplished by sending the server a request to execute the "methods" method. This method is universal to all mrpc servers. The method will accept a callback which will in turn send the data back to the client.

  2. The server will send a map of the following form through the callback:

      "foo": 1234,
      "bar": 6789,
      "baz": 7514

    Where each entry represents a function and it's associated unique identification number.

  3. The client will receive the list and create a shim for each function. The shim will notify the server once the function has been called on the client side by sending the function id. The shim will also recursively check it's arguments at runtime to determine if they contain any functions, and if so, add these functions to the local function map (the client function map).

  4. Once the shims have been created and setup to ping the server back, the client is free to call any of the server's remote methods, by sending it function execution requests of the form:

      port, // Sender's port
      host, // Sender's host
      arguments, // Arguments stripped of functions
      callbacks // Map of function ids and their respective locations in the args
  5. The server will receive the packed arguments and proceed to execute the function specified. The arguments array will be filled in with the appropriate shims as was done in step 3; such that calling any functions in the arguments invokes the proper remote call.

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