Source code based on the paper titled 'A multi-resolution saliency framework to drive foveation'
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Source code for MR-AIM based on work published in ICASSP 2013. Paper available at

If you use this code for evaluation and/or benchmarking, we appreciate if you cite an appropriate subset of the following papers:

@INPROCEEDINGS{icassp2013, author={Advani, S. and Sustersic, J. and Irick, K. and Narayanan, V.}, booktitle={Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2013 IEEE International Conference on}, title={A multi-resolution saliency framework to drive foveation}, year={2013}, month={May}, pages={2596-2600}, }

@ARTICLE{AIM, author = {Bruce, N. and Tsotsos, J.}, journal = {Journal of Vision}, title = {{Saliency, Attention, and Visual Search: An Information Theoretic Approach}}, year = {2009}, }


This code package contains the following files:

  • RunMITBenchmark.cpp is the code that runs MR-AIM (model proposed in ICASSP 2013) on the MIT Benchmark

  • We also provide an open-source C++ version of the original AIM model (proposed in JOV 2009) for comparison purposes. Original MATLAB code is available at

Getting Started

  • Navigate to Debug folder

cd ./source/Debug

  • Compile code using make (tested on MacOS X Yosemite)


Saliency maps are generated in the directory BenchmarkOUTPUT

  • To run baseline AIM model >./cvMR-AIM BenchmarkIMAGES/ BenchmarkOUTPUT/ 0


OpenCV 3.0 (makefile assumes Libraries are in /usr/local/lib and Includes in /usr/local/include)


This code is published under the MIT License.