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A library written in css consisted of media queries to support the responsiveness of webpage.

CMA(Css Media All) makes your webpage responsive, idea behind this library is to make webpage more responsive to differrent screens, the media queries used in this library is a LIFTOFF from CSS tricks.


it is written in vanila CSS and is mostly supported in all major browsers it is a small libarary for small websites where you dont have different code for desktop and mobile

Use CMA in your site?

install using npm

npm install css-media-all --save

install using bower

bower install css-media-all --save

clone the git repo

git clone https://github.com/siddarthvader/CSS-MEDIA-ALL.git

Add to your CSS

import url('css-media-all.css');

p {
    font-size:1rem;// this `rem` unit is now a variable and you can use it the way you want

Add to your html (this is standard setting, in case you forget)

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

this is advised that refrain using rem in width property, use % for width;

Idea behind it

for years we developers/designers are constantly arguing which is the best unit for css measurements, is it px or em or rem or vw or mm? nobody has a solid answer to it, because it varies according understanding of developer, but one thing remain unchanged which is rendering of page.

I personally find rem to be the best of all, it is relative to the font-size of html tag, i mean now you have an absolute base unit which is directly dependent on the font-size property of html, what more can you ask for?

with rem, you want to zoom-in your site?

  • change the font-size of html tag?

you want to render your site on mobile viewport but you are not sure about the text size rendering?

  • well change the font-size of html tag?


When it comes to rem you have to set the font-size of html tag, now in this module the default setting goes like this

| Desktop | Mobile(Portrait) | Mobile(Landscape) | Tab(Portrait) | Tab(Landscape) |
|  .65vw    |       1.5vw      |        .65vw        |       1.5vw   |        1vw     |

where vw is the % of width of view port;

for example:

    //device width is 1280px
        font-size:1vw; // meant 12.8px

        font-size:1.2rem;// (12.8*1.2)