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$DOMAIN_NAME=$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; //like leave untouched if not sure.
$SUB_DIR = (dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])=='/')?'/':dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/'; //could be dir1/dir2/dir3/linkpit. Leave blank if in root. Must end with a slash.
$MYSQL_HOST='localhost'; //Database hostname
$MYSQL_USERNAME='siddhant_wp'; //Username
$MYSQL_DATABASE='siddhant_wp'; //name of your database
$tag_length=6;// the default tag length
$max_tag_length=16;//maximum tag length that can be specified by user
/*table prefix. Need to change if you have Linkpit table name clashing with some
other table name*/
'google' => '',
'yahoo' => '',
'aol' => '{username}/',
'myopenid' => 'http://{username}',
'livejournal' => 'http://{username}',
'flickr' => '{username}/',
'technorati' => '{username}/',
'wordpress' => 'http://{username}',
'blogger' => 'http://{username}',
'verisign' => 'http://{username}',
'vidoop' => 'http://{username}',
'claimid' => '{username}'