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Windows Tweaker has been written in C# and WPF using .net Framework 4.5, to allow users to easily change every possible setting in Windows without having to dig deep into registry.

Windows Tweaker Screenshot

To Build

Head to this Lifehacker article if you don't know how to setup git on Windows.

  1. Download Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop, in case you don't have a paid license for Visual Studio 2013.

  2. Clone the repository

    git clone

  3. Create a new file called Keys.Local.cs, which is an extension to Keys.cs. On production build Keys.Local.cs contains the actual values for the parameters (which can't be checked into the repo for security reasons). Put the following code in this file:-

namespace WindowsTweaker {
    internal static partial class Keys { }

Links to external libraries used

  1. WPF ToolKit
  2. WPF Spark

Stemmers used

  1. Porter Stemmer 2 algorithm for stemming English words (C# Implementation link, Python Implementation Link)
  2. Snowball Stemmer algorithm for stemming German and Russian words (C# Implementation Link, Python Implementation Link)

Change the branch, if you want to build the previous stable release.