Enable CORS setting on AWS API Gateway
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Enable CORS setting on AWS API Gateway


Let's say you have created an API on AWS API Gateway. We've also added a bunch of paths e.g. /posts, /categories and linked various HTTP verbs to lambda methods. You now want to enable CORS on all the resources. This program allows you to enable CORS on multiple paths in a single API on the AWS API gateway.


This program is built using DotNet Core 1.0 so ... you need DotNet Core 1.0 on your system.


Build the solution using Visual Studio or other means. The resulting binary named EnableCORS.dll can be run using the command line: DotNet EnableCORS -accesskey -secretkey -region -apiid inputfile

Input file

The inputfile passed as parameter is a plain text file containing list of resources on which the OPTIONS mock method is created to enable CORS.

Please ensure that the api-name which needs to be mentioned in the file matches the API whose id is specified at the command line (apiid param). In case you specify the correct api-id but a different api-name, you will rename the API on API Gateway.

Note: Actual method implementation in backend code (e.g. Lambda) needs to be made in a way to return the required CORS headers, this is not somethinf which this program will take care of.

Get more help

Run the program with the -help option e.g.: DotNet EnableCORS -help