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Bunch of Powershell cmdlets for SQL and .NET developers
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Bunch of Powershell cmdlets for SQL and .NET developers. As of today, it consists of two PowerShell command Get-TableSql and Get-TableVariableSql. Both the cmdlets allow one to generate a table or table variable definition from the output of a query. For example, its possible to generate the following SQL:

create table #TempTable ( BusinessEntityId int CONSTRAINT MyPK PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, FirstName nvarchar(50) NOT NULL, MiddleName nvarchar(50) NULL, LastName nvarchar(50) NOT NULL, ModifiedDate datetime NOT NULL )

as a result of output of a select query.

Compiling the code

The code is written in Visual Studio 2019. It should be possible to load the solution/project in earlier versions like 2017 also. The project requires you to have .NET Framework 4.5 (SDK) installed.

Using the Cmdlets

Compiling the project results in a .NET assembly named SqlDevCmdlets.dll. Open an instance of PowerShell. CD into to the build folder e.g. D:\SqlDevCmdlets\bin\Debug. Load the cmdlet using Import-Module .\SqlDevCmdlets.dll

Viewing help for the cmdlets

Once the module is loaded, type in:

Get-Help Get-TableSql -full`

Get-Help Get-TableVariableSql -full`

Get in touch

For questions, comments, suggestions, email to

You can also visit

This software is free. Please see LICENSE file for details on licensing.

Copyright 2019 Siddharth Barman.


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