Keep your bundle size in check
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Keep your bundle size in check


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minimal setup

npm install bundlesize --save-dev



Add it to your scripts in package.json

"scripts": {
  "test": "bundlesize"


Or you can use npx with NPM 5.2+.

npx bundlesize



1) Add the path and gzip maxSize in your package.json

  "name": "your cool library",
  "version": "1.1.2",
  "bundlesize": [
      "path": "./dist.js",
      "maxSize": "3 kB"

bundlesize also supports glob patterns


"bundlesize": [
    "path": "./dist/vendor-*.js",
    "maxSize": "3 kB"
    "path": "./dist/chunk-*.js",
    "maxSize": "3 kB"

This makes it great for using with applications that are bundled with another tool. It will match multiple files if necessary and create a new row for each file.


2) build status

build status

Currently works for Travis CI, CircleCI, Wercker, and Drone.

(Ask me for help if you're stuck)



example usage:

bundlesize -f "dist/*.js" -s 20kB

For more granular configuration, we recommend configuring it in the package.json (documented above).


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  • Work with other CI tools (AppVeyor, etc.)
  • Automate setup (setting env_var)


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