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kvstore-rpc is a distributed inmemory key value store currently under development. I initially wrote this to complement a blog post on using Netty for RPC in a distributed system

Build and Run KVStore


  • Maven 3.6 or later
  • Java 1.8 or later

My local testing was done on Mac OSX 10.14

Clone the source code

Run KVStore locally

  • cp /kvstore-distribution/engine/target/kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz/install-directory
  • cd install-directory
  • tar xvf kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz
  • cd kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • export JAVA_HOME=JDK-install-location
  • export KVSTORE_HOME=kvstore-install-location

For example, if path to my install-directory is /abc/xyz/install_dir, then

  • export KVSTORE_HOME=/abc/xyz/install_dir/kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT

Edit the configuration file to set rpc.demo.enabled to true if you want to run demo service as well

Start the KVStore daemon on local node as sh start

Clustered Deployment

On each node of the cluster, copy the tarball and extract it. Here is a sample process to start daemon on each node

  • mkdir /opt/kvstore
  • Copy kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz to /opt/kvstore
  • cd /opt/kvstore
  • tar xvf kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz
  • cd kvstore-distribution-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT/bin
  • sh kvstore-exec start

Demo Service

An optional application that is packaged into the distribution to demonstrate RPC messaging in the cluster. This is currently fully functional and tested on a 3 node EC2 cluster (and locally)

Follow the above steps for clustered deployment. Let's say you deployed on 3 nodes -- node1, node2, and node3

  • Edit the configuration file of node1 and node 2 and set the value of rpc.demo.server.endpoint to address of node3
  • Also set rpc.demo.enabled to true on node1 and node2
  • sh kvstore-exec start

Node1 and Node2 will make RPC requests to Node3 that is hosting an in-memory data store.

Note: it is completely fine to set rpc.demo.enabled to true in conf file of node3. In that case, the demo service will issue RPC requests to the local endpoint

Please read this blog post to learn more about the idea and purpose behind this sytem, further work and the architectural plan


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