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@mohanvive mohanvive released this Oct 8, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release


Siddhi is a fully open source, cloud-native, scalable, Streaming and Complex Event Processing System capable of building real-time analytics, data integration, notification and surveillance usecases. Siddhi understands Streaming SQL queries in order to capture events from diverse data sources, process them, integrate with multiple services and data sources, and publish output to various endpoints in real-time.

Siddhi 5.1.0 distribution release contains the latest Siddhi core 5.1.7 dependency. Other than that, it provides a lot of new features and improvements that help for the cloud native stream processing deployments.

Features & Improvements

  • Caching support to retain on-demand queries provided by users through editor. (#499)
  • Add alerts for the docker push process. (#507)
  • Improve logging and default selections in K8/Docker export. (#516)
  • Add validations to the export docker config step. (#526)
  • Improve auto completion in editor to include latest keywords. (#528)
  • Support relative path for -Dapps and -Dconfig parameters. (#543)
  • Make templated Siddhi apps collapsable. (#592)
  • Add alert dialog to see the console if artifacts are pushed to Docker. (#598)
  • Docker image push support and set values for templated variables in Siddhi apps (#485)
  • Improvements to perform list operations with events. Check here
  • Add styling for template option in Docker/Kubernetes export dialog (#442)
  • Add side panel to the editor which allows the user to set values for templated variables in Siddhi apps (#446)
  • Deprecate existing query API and introduce on-demand queries (#481)
  • Add preview support to receive/publish gRpc events. (#396)
  • Skip empty jar/bundle selections in Docker/Kubernetes export. (#367)
  • UI/UX improvements in k8/Docker export feature. (#373), (#369)
  • Improve startup scripts and carbon.bat to support JDK 11. (#394)
  • Add support for offset in siddhi parser (#291)
  • Add overload param support for source view editor (#310)
  • Improve design view to show the connection between *-call-request and *-call-response IOs. (#310)
  • Feature to support downloading docker and Kubernetes artifacts from Tooling UI (#349)
  • Improve deployment.yaml configuration for better user experience (#262, #269, #276)
  • Siddhi Parser API to validate Siddhi Apps (#273)
  • Siddhi Test Framework: Provides the capability to write integration tests using Docker containers #1327

Bug Fixes

There are a considerable amount of bug fixes done in the milestone releases. Please find the details below


Complete Changes

Please find the complete changes here

Bundled Siddhi Extensions

Execution Extensions

Name Description Latest
execution-string Provides basic string handling capabilities such as concat, length, replace all, etc. 5.0.7
execution-regex Provides basic RegEx execution capabilities. 5.0.5
execution-math Provides useful mathematical functions. 5.0.4
execution-time Provides time related functionality such as getting current time, current date, manipulating/formatting dates, etc. 5.0.4
execution-map Provides the capability to generate and manipulate map data objects. 5.0.4
execution-json Provides the capability to retrieve, insert, and modify JSON elements. 2.0.4
execution-unitconversion Converts various units such as length, mass, time and volume. 2.0.2
execution-reorder Orders out-of-order event arrivals using algorithms such as K-Slack and alpha K-Stack. 5.0.3
execution-unique Retains and process unique events based on the given parameters. 5.0.4
execution-list Provides the capability to send an array object inside Siddhi stream definitions and use it within queries. 1.0.0

Input/Output Extensions

Name Description Latest
io-http Receives and publishes events via http and https transports, calls external services, and serves incoming requests and provide synchronous responses. 2.1.2
io-nats Receives and publishes events from/to NATS. 2.0.6
io-kafka Receives and publishes events from/to Kafka. 5.0.4
io-email Receives and publishes events via email using smtp, pop3 and imap protocols. 2.0.4
io-cdc Captures change data from databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql, H2 and Oracle. 2.0.3
io-tcp Receives and publishes events through TCP transport. 3.0.4
io-rabbitmq Receives and publishes events from/to RabbitMQ. 3.0.2
io-file Receives and publishes event data from/to files. 2.0.3
io-jms Receives and publishes events via Java Message Service (JMS), supporting Message brokers such as ActiveMQ 2.0.2
io-prometheus Consumes and expose Prometheus metrics from/to Prometheus server. 2.1.0
io-grpc Receives and publishes events via gRpc. 1.0.2

Data Mapping Extensions

Name Description Latest
map-json Converts JSON messages to/from Siddhi events. 5.0.4
map-xml Converts XML messages to/from Siddhi events. 5.0.3
map-text Converts text messages to/from Siddhi events. 2.0.4
map-avro Converts AVRO messages to/from Siddhi events. 2.0.5
map-keyvalue Converts events having Key-Value maps to/from Siddhi events. 2.0.4
map-csv Converts messages with CSV format to/from Siddhi events. 2.0.3
map-binary Converts binary events that adheres to Siddhi format to/from Siddhi events. 2.0.4
map-protobuf Converts protobuf messages to/from Siddhi events.. 1.0.1

Store Extensions

Name Description Latest
store-rdbms Optimally stores, retrieves, and manipulates data on RDBMS databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql, H2 and Oracle. 7.0.1
store-mongodb Stores, retrieves, and manipulates data on MongoDB. 2.0.3
store-redis Stores, retrieves, and manipulates data on Redis. 3.1.1

Script Extensions

Name Description Latest
script-js Allows writing user defined JavaScript functions within Siddhi Applications to process events. 5.0.2
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