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Docker resources for Siddhi cloud-native streaming
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Docker Resources for Siddhi Cloud Native Streaming

This repository contains the Siddhi Runner, Siddhi Tooling resources for Alpine and Ubuntu.

These Docker resources would help you building generic Docker images for deploying the corresponding distributions in containerized environments. Each Docker image includes the JDK, the relevant product distribution and a collection of utility libraries.

Configurations, custom JDBC drivers other than the default MySQL JDBC driver provided, extensions and other deployable artifacts can be added to the image while building or via volume mounts to the containers spawned.

Directory layout

docker-siddhi directory layout

These container images are published under siddhiio on the Docker hub, at:

  1. siddhiio/siddhi-runner-alpine
  2. siddhiio/siddhi-runner-ubuntu
  3. siddhiio/siddhi-tooling
  4. siddhiio/siddhi-parser
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