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Siddhi Core Libraries

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Siddhi is a cloud native Streaming and Complex Event Processing engine that understands Streaming SQL queries in order to capture events from diverse data sources, process them, detect complex conditions, and publish output to various endpoints in real time.

Siddhi Core Libraries contains the essential core libraries need for Siddhi execution such as siddhi-core, siddhi-query-api, siddhi-query-compiler, and siddhi-annotations.


Siddhi can run as an embedded Java and Python library, as a micro service on bare metal, VM, and Docker and natively in Kubernetes.

Siddhi provides web-based graphical and textual tooling for development.

For information on Siddhi and it's features refer Siddhi Documentation.


Download Siddhi Core Libraries;

  • Versions 5.x and above with group id io.siddhi.* from here.
  • Versions 4.x and lower with group id org.wso2.siddhi.* from here.

Download Siddhi tooling and runtime distributions here.

Get Started!

Get started with Siddhi in a few minutes by following the Siddhi Quick Start Guide.

For more information on using Siddhi refer Siddhi Documentation.

Latest API Docs

Latest API Docs is 5.1.28.

Support and Contribution

You can reachout through Slack channel, Google mail group and etc. Please refer the community contribution site for more information.