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re-usable/inter-operable AngularJS timer directive
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angular-timer — A simple, re-usable, inter-operable timer directive

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Getting started

With any of the following options...


With Bower install :

  • Install humanize-duration using Bower - bower install humanize-duration
  • Install momentjs using Bower - bower install momentjs

And include these scripts in your webpage :

  • bower_components/momentjs/min/moment.min.js
  • bower_components/momentjs/min/locales.min.js
  • bower_components/humanize-duration/humanize-duration.js

Running locally

Install all bower components - bower install Using Grunt type grunt from command line, the default task will open index.html page in your default browser

Running tests

Following command will run both unit & End-to-End (e2e) tests

grunt tests


There are some examples on the index page Please go over them to get an understanding on how this module works.

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