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Open Source MIDI Amp Controller
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Open Source MIDI Amp Controller

HappySwitch gives a MIDI input to your legacy guitar or bass amp

With HappySwitch you can control your midiless guitar or bass amp through any MIDI devices. Stop dancing on your pedals and bring your live performance to the next level with HappySwitch!

HappySwitch receives the MIDI Program Change messages and applies the stored config to your amp.

This prototype was expecially developed to work with MESA/Boogie® Dual & Triple Rectifier™ which have a proprietary footswitch interface (7 DIN) but, you can hack it to control every amp with a standard footswitch 1/4" jack interfaces.

If you enjoy it, please leave a tip (Bitcoin): 1G26HGi9wrFPSGkDGcw7Y9cbAgZ51t5cwR

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