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⚙️ Blockchain ticketing system created using Lisk Alpha SDK
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Lisk Inviter - Core

The Lisk Inviter client repository and documentation can be found here.


First install the dependencies as detailed in the Lisk SDK documentation.

  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • pm2 (recommended)


git clone
cd lisk-inviter
npm install


Run the node and view logs: node index.js | npx bunyan -o short

Run the node as a background service:

Register name pm2 start --name lisk-inviter index.js

To start and stop the process:

pm2 start lisk-inviter
pm2 stop lisk-inviter

If you want the node to automatically start on (re)boot, execute the command that is generated by running:

pm2 save
pm2 startup
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