A series of Houdini shelf tools that are geared towards game developers!
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Game Development Toolset

This is a series of tools geared towards assisting Houdini users with a variety of tasks for game development. The older version of this repository focused on just the shelf. Now this is an all-inclusive toolset that spans the shelf, digital assets, and custom desktops.

If you'd like more information, please check out the wiki!

NOTE: This is in-progress. Please file an Issue if something doesn't seem quite right! Guidelines can be found here.

Also, if you forked the respository and suddenly it stopped pulling, that's due to the link changing from https://github.com/sideeffects/GameDevelopmentShelf/ to https://github.com/sideeffects/GameDevelopmentToolset/. Github appears to forward traffic to the new link, but here's a little FYI just incase.


Copy the contents of this folder into the following folders depending on your operating system:





Be sure to merge as needed! If you're copying and not cloning, the files shouldn't overwrite anything that doesn't involve the toolset.

How to use the included desktops

  1. At the top menu, click Windows -> Desktop
  2. Select any of the GameDev desktops for your role!

It's not recommended to modify the layout of any of the GameDev desktops. If you pull from the SideFX repo, it's possible a conflict will occur. Instead, do a "save as" operation. Alternatively, you can also select one of the other shelves that aren't for game development, activate the shelf, and then save that!

Activating the Shelf

  1. Looking towards the very right of one of the shelves, click the little triangle pointing downwards
  2. Click Shelf Sets
  3. Click Game Development

Saving its location

  1. At the top menu, click Windows
  2. Desktop
  3. Save Current Desktop

Keep in mind, that will override the "Build" desktop if you changed anything with the default layout. If you want to create a new desktop, click "Save Current Desktop As...".

Setting the default desktop (if using a custom desktop)

  1. At the top menu, click Edit -> Preferences -> General User Interface (alternatively: ctrl+, or cmd+,)
  2. At the "Startup in Desktop" field, select the desktop you would like to use
  3. Accept!

Having the terminal automatically source Houdini (OS X)

In your ~/.bash_profile, add the following lines:

##Houdini Environment Setup
cd /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources
source houdini_setup
cd -

That will change the directory to the latest version of Houdini, source the houdini_setup.source file, and then change the directory back to where it was initially.