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A Call To Action

Dear fellow citizen,

Saving our planet seems an overwhelming task: the problem / solution space too large and the forces opposing too strong.

Individually it is difficult to see how to make a significant impact, but together it is possible. is an initiative to collaborate on research into the problem / solution space in a transparent way, motivated by the belief that this effort will unearth numerous potential actions individuals can take that will trigger numerous autonomous, beneficial and important side projects.

There are already countless projects and individuals dedicated full-time to protecting Earth; we are focused on the cognitive surplus of those who need a new side project and know in their hearts they can and should join the fight to avoid human extinction. will engage in its own side projects, and also catalogue the individual, distributed and autonomous side projects of all participants.


Apart from contributing, you can support the project financially via:

  • installing and using Brave browser (referral code). If you're active for at least 30 days Brave will send us the equivalent of $5 USD worth of BAT tokens.
  • Bitcoin: coming soon
  • Ethereum: coming soon
  • Other methods: coming soon

We are working to establish the appropriate legal entity for this initiative prior to any funds being received through the channels listed above.


Fork this repository, add to it as you see fit, and issue a Pull Request to discuss and merge into this repository.


  1. Start by adding to a broad, messy and unfiltered list of problems and solutions. Don't overthink or over-organise or self-filter.
  2. Extract themes and structures out of the list, and filter and curate into a skeleton research structure.
  3. Begin researching any part of this structure to add additional information


  • Mind-states: ignorance, fear, helplessness, feeling overwhelmed, doubt, busy lives, futility, suspicion around exaggeration, belief modern technology will save us without individual contributions
  • Vested interests: fossil fuel giants, right-wing business and media interests who pursue issue on ideological basis detached from reason and reality
  • Media:
    • corporate media desperate for revenue, fossil fuel advertising, part of existing system focused on rapacious growth and short-termist thinking, proprietors who are climate deniers
    • public media: donwnplaying crisis, senior management potentially drawn from problematic circles of thought
  • Denialist public figures: political or scientific figures who wilfully participate in peddling doubt, who funds them, what are their spheres of influence, who gives them exposure


  • Mind-states: englightened action, determination to do something, belief we can turn things around, hope
  • Supportive interests: global action groups, civilised minds across the political spectrum who reject right-wing radicalist denialism
  • Media:
    • Sympathetic opinion writers in mainstream media
    • Alternative media aggresively pursuing the truth who need reciprocal support
  • Scientific, political and business figures who are highly informed and increasingly assertive in pushing back against unscientific positions
  • Business: growing renewable industry with increasing power, money and influence


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