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I am not affiliated in any way with Riot Games. I do not own League of Legends nor did i create any of the Themes usable in the Launcher


League of Legends Animation Changer allows you to reuse old League of Legends Launcher animations.


You can either download a portable version or an installable one.

Only the installable one comes with an auto-update feature

Here are the links :

#Known Issues

None.... Until now If you find any issues or want to ask for a functionality, please do so unsing the github issue tracker

#Theme Submission As this project is fairly recent, i only have the following themes (the one that were in Launcher version and later) :

  • April's Fool 2015
  • Teemo Omega Squad
  • Summoner's Rift
  • Haunted Zyra
  • Bard
  • Jinx Lunar Revel
  • Quinn (reconstructed from the original SWF & Soundcloud track)
  • Diana (reconstructed from the original SWF & tracks)
  • Kalista
  • Orianna Merveille HIvernale
  • Reksai
  • Syndra (reconstructed from the original SWF & tracks)
  • Ezreal Pulsefire (reconstructed from the original SWF & tracks)
  • Mecha Cho'Gath (reconstructed from the original SWF & tracks)
  • Jayce (reconstructed from the original SWF & tracks)
  • Sona DJ
  • Ekko

As Riot Games published all login screens on their youtube channel, I reconstructed older login screens using these videos (Spiritguard Udyr is the exception).

There is nearly 60 login screens available now

To submit new themes please open an issue to let me know. I'll give the instructions to package them correctly.

#Open Source Software used

Newtonsoft's JSON.NET library


An Application to change the Background animation of the League of Legends Launcher







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