Starter project for kotlin based App Engine applications
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Kotlin App Engine starter

Build Status

This is a starter project for appengine apps writen in kotlin.

The production branch is deployed on appengine link

Deployment status: Build Status

It uses

  • Kotlin 1.1.2
  • Jersey 2.25.1
  • Jackson 2.8.8
  • Guice 4.1.0

Deploying to App Engine

Using gradle

  • Create a project

  • Set the project name in appengine-web

     ./gradlew appengineUpdate

Using travis

  • Install the travis cli

     gem install travis -v 1.8.8 --no-rdoc --no-ri
  • Create a branch named production

     git checkout -b production
  • Create a project

  • Set the PROJECT_NAME and other properties in

  • Create credentials of type Service account key as json

  • Copy the key into the project

     mv ~/Downloads/<key_name.json> gae.json
  • Encrypt the secure files

  • Reorder the commands in the before_deploy stage in .travis.yml so that the call to is after decryption of

  • Commit the changes and push

     git add secret.tar.enc
     git commit -am 'Updated project name and added auth key for gae'
     git push